Suzaku (2018)

New album 'Suzaku' released March 14, 2018!

Niran Dasika: Trumpet
Sumire Kuribayashi: Piano
Takashi Sugawa: Bass
Shun Ishiwaka: Drums

Recorded October 2017 at Pastoral Sound in Tokyo, Japan. Available streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music.

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Hishakaku Quartet - The First Proxy

Released October 10, 2018 

James Macaulay: trombone 
Niran Dasika: trumpet 
Marty Holoubek: bass 
Shun Ishiwaka: drums and melodica 

Recorded October 2017 at Studio TLive, Tokyo

Silver Letters (2016)

'Silver Letters' (2017) is a collaboration between Niran Dasika and Mateusz Gwizdalla, combining classical brass quintet stylings with jazz and improvised music.

Recorded at the Monash University Clayton Campus Music Auditorium June 11 & 12, 2016


Manticore (Phantom) (2015)

'Manticore (Phantom)' is the debut album of Niran Dasika, influenced by stories big and small, and tainted by an obsession with the beauty found in darkness and the grotesque.

Released July 20, 2015

Niran Dasika: trumpet
Jonathan Skourletos: guitar
Hiroki Hoshino: bass, bass synthesiser (track 3)
Daniel Berry: drums

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$25 Shipped worldwide

Niran Dasika, solo at Uptown Jazz Cafe, June 2015. 


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